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Do you have what it takes to work onboard some of the world’s most exclusive yachts? 

Whether you have a love for the sea, enjoy hospitality or are mechanically inclined, working onboard a yacht could be a rewarding career choice. A career in yachting brings you the opportunity to set sail to new and exciting ports, work at a 5 star level of service with people from around the world and enjoy the camaraderie unique to the yachting industry. 

 There are many advantages to working at sea, but working on a yacht is not all about fun and games and does require teamwork. Working on a yacht brings long, demanding, strenuous work days. 

You will live and work with the same group of people which can at times be stressful to even the most experienced crew member. You will be away from family and loved ones for long periods of time. However if you are an adventurous spirit who is looking for a profession that is constantly evolving, the yachting lifestyle is a one-of-a-kind experience. 


Common positions in yachting include Captain, Mate, Engineer, Chef, Steward (ess), and Deckhand. We invite you to navigate through our website for a job description on each of these positions. Think a job in yachting is for you? Follow the simple steps below and you will be on your way! 

 SUPERYACHT POSITIONS: OBTAINING A YACHT JOB Step 1: Register with Sun Contract Ltd Step 2: Upload your CV or resume, licenses and any written references you may have. Step 3: Prepare for interviews. Arrive clean cut and dressed appropriately for all interviews. Remember you only have one shot at making a good first impression! Be positive, attentive and energetic. Step 4: Prepare yourself to leave town when the right job arrives. Most yacht jobs will require you to start immediately, so make sure your financial and living situations are in order so you have nothing holding you back from that perfect opportunity! 

 Step 5: Stay in touch with Sun Contract 


As captain, you are responsible for the total operation of the yacht. 

The position ranges from being in charge of a full time staff of one, to being the CEO of a large operation with many departments, personnel, and a large budget. 

You are responsible for the supervision of the crew as well as ensuring the enjoyment of all guests onboard. And, of course, you are the navigator.

Private and charter yacht captains bond with the crew on a friendly basis while still maintaining the crew’s respect as their superior. 

You keep financial records, make and meet budgets, plan itineraries and make reservations, and have a list of contacts around the globe for parts and services that may be needed to maintain the yacht.

A captain works very closely with the owners and guests, and has a comprehensive understanding of their needs.


The minimum qualifications for a yacht captain position include: 3-5 years experience as a Mate License depending on the tonnage of the yacht. 

Some owners and insurance companies may require more than is actually required by law.

At Sun Contract Ltd a 500-ton ticket is the minimum license usually required A proven record of navigation Management skills Personnel management Public Relations Exceptional communication and service skills Inventory control Budgeting and accounting skills Emergency Management Engineering knowledge Environmental regulations Insurance considerations Computer literate

Please note that we do not accept applicants without current marine experience for a captain's position.


SECOND IN COMMAND The mate’s position brings with it total responsibility for the exterior of the yacht. 

Some vessels will require the mate to participate in navigation and passage planning and they are often responsible for documentation, safety and security aboard.

Generally, the mate is ready, willing and able to step up into the captain's position should the need arise.

First time mate: Employment of 2 years working on deck (Day work and refits can be included) STCW 95 Good knowledge of products Navigation Painting, varnish, Awlgrip applications Basic engineering Tender driving experience Watch-keeping experience Line Handling A small license is good although not necessary on all yachts e.g. 100T, Yachtmaster Offshore, Ocean, etc.

A position on a larger vessel may include:

All of the above PADI or NAUI certification Small license Computer literate Experienced mate: Experience on boats 130' and up Licenses required will depend on tonnage of the yacht.

The general requirement is Chief Mate 3000GRT Two years running a deck crew, 1 year with more than one deckhand Basic engineering Navigation experience Management skills Basic accounting skills Computer literate Generally able to the run yacht in the Captains absence



Yacht engineer jobs require applicants to be responsible for all mechanical, electrical, electronic, plumbing and computer systems aboard. It is your responsibility to work with both planned maintenance and yard periods to assure that the yacht is always in good, safe, working order. Yacht engineering requires you to do everything from filter and oil changes to complete engine rebuilds. You can’t be afraid to get your hands dirty, but like all jobs onboard, you can expect to present yourself clean and tidy ready to interact with owners and guests at a moment’s notice. On charter and larger yachts, you are required to have a yacht engineer license. On smaller yachts the captain or mate may be responsible for the basic engine maintenance. Knowledge of diesel engine maintenance and general mechanical ability is a must for a yacht engineer. Other skill sets useful in yacht engineering include refrigeration, plumbing, electrics, air conditioning and IT experience. 

 Entry Level Yacht Engineer: Basic engineering, including outboard motors Diesel knowledge General refrigeration and AC Basic plumbing Basic electrical and electronics Trouble shooting STCW 


Chief Yacht Engineer: All of the above at an advanced level Appropriate licenses/certificates Shipboard wiring Hydraulics Ship sanitation Management skills, ability to direct/teach others in the engine room Inventory control Planned maintenance 


SUCCESSFUL CAREER AS A PRIVATE YACHT CHEF Are you a culinary professional looking for a job at sea? This is your chance to taste a new kind of success as a private yacht chef. Yacht chef jobs are the only upper level position onboard that can be filled by a novice to yachting. 

A chef that is well trained, either in school or apprenticeship, has high-end restaurant background, and the right attitude can be successful aboard a yacht. Many Chefs find that working on a luxury yacht challenges their creative skills, as they are not locked into cooking the same meal day after day. The chef is responsible for all guest and crew food, three meals a day, seven days a week. Yacht chefs are also responsible for galley cleaning, including all of the cooking utensils, pots and pans, menu planning, provisioning and gourmet research.

YACHT CHEFS: FEEDING ALL HANDS ON DECK New Yacht Chefs: Culinary degree or equivalent training, apprenticeship, work as chef in another venue Menu planning "Sample Menu" Nutrition Proof of good presentation skills "Food Photos" A good repertoire of recipes Ability to build rapport with guests (food is a focal point of any yachting trip) Good attitude Experienced Yacht Chefs: All of the above Excellent yachting experience Table settings Management skills The biggest difference between a Chef aboard a yacht and a conventional (land based) Chef is the extensive planning required at sea. You will do your own provisioning and preparation work, cleanliness is essential! 

On some smaller vessels, you may also share other vessel responsibilities, while on larger luxury yachts you may have the services of one or more of the stewards/stewardesses for prep work, serving, clearing and cleaning. 



 Do you think you have the skills to be a yacht steward(ess)? The yacht steward(ess) (or "the stew") maintains the cleanliness of the ship's interior and services guests aboard the yacht. Responsibilities include daily meticulous cleaning of the entire interior, including all guest and common areas, cleaning the cabins (including the bathrooms, popularly known as "heads and beds"), serving meals, doing laundry, etc. Interior yacht crew work is rewarding, but you must be discreet, polite and professional. Entry Level Yacht Steward(ess): Service background Some working background, longevity and yacht steward(ess) training a plus Pleasant attitude Professional appearance STCW 95 training Mid-level Yacht Steward(ess): All of the above Waitress/Waiter Basic mixology/Bartender Interior cleaning and sanitation Accounting Experience and training as a yacht steward(ess) Yacht Steward(ess) Supervisor: All of the above More experience Organization skills Provisioning Flower arranging/Table settings Computer skills Chief Steward(ess): All of the above Minimum 2 years experience of yacht crew work, managing at least 2 stews Advanced knowledge of: Food garnishing/presentation/flower arrangements/table settings Cleaning products, stain removal, care of fine linens, laundry Inventory control Provisioning Accounting Valet services Wines Always a plus: languages and first hand knowledge of areas traveled. Caribbean, Mediterranean, New England, Bahamas, South Pacific, etc.


AN EXCITING CAREER AS A YACHT DECKHAND A deckhand position aboard a yacht requires energetic professionals responsible for all aspects of exterior maintenance of the vessel. Are you ready for the challenge? As a deckhand you are responsible for the cleanliness and maintenance of the exterior of the yacht. The deckhand’s responsibility includes everything outside, on top of, and underneath the vessel. Specifically including painting, stripping, varnishing, waxing, awlgrip, cleaning engines, and maintaining the various water toys aboard, which include jet skis, tenders, sailing dinghies, etc. All deckhands pitch in and assist with interior cleaning and service when guests are aboard. Qualifications for yacht deckhands include: Entry Level Deckhand: Service background Some working background, longevity a plus Good attitude Willing to learn from others Stable under pressure A Team player Professional appearance STCW-95 Basic Training Required Mid-level Deckhand: All of the above STCW 95 Basic seamanship Line handling Exterior maintenance knowledge of varnish, paint, products, etc. Basic mechanical skills Tender driving ability - may require a Power Boating Level II license Experience as yacht deckhand New MCA rules coming into effect may require the Yacht Rating Certificate Lead Deckhand: All of the above More experience as a career deckhand Leadership skills Navigation Watch standing skills Bosun Job: The leader of the deck team. This yacht deckhand is a step between the Lead Deckhand and Mate positions. All of the above More experience in performing and supervising deck duties Deck license.